We are committed to deliver quality ICT Solutions and Research Services.

About Us

About Us

Afridatacare Center is committed to deliver quality ICT Solutions and Research Services(Market,Social).We have a team of professionals who ensure the product & services we give you are of the best and highest quality. We always keep up to date with the latest technology, so you can be assured that our services and products are of good quality.
over 5 yrs

Experience of Research

We have good experience in data collection,data entry, data cleanig, analysis and reporting

Over 3 yrs

Experience of Graphic Design

We offer bold and unique graphic design services for businesses and individuals.

Over 3 yrs

Experience of Branding and promotional products

We brand products with logos and text. We can simply print your logo and perfectly match your colours.

Our Team

We are a growing team of experienced and experts in ICT and Research. We are dedicated to quality products and service delivery to all our clients. We serve individuals, SMEs, Companies and various other institutions.

Our Team Left

As CEO, Paul provides overall leadership and oversees Afridatacare Center’s services and products, ensuring that we provide World Class research services, ICT services and goods,advisory and training. Paul has a good experience in research and technology fields.

Paul Mwinzi - C.e.o & Founder

Raymond is a very talented graphic designer.He specializes in Logo design,branding, marketing, and promotions, designing a wide range of advertising and marketing content.

Raymond Mwinzi - Graphic designer

Our Team Right

James Ndulu is responsible for managing Afridatacare Center’s research activities. Using the most recent advances in statistical analysis and research methods, James focuses on providing clients with analysis, results and recommendations that are both understandable and actionable.

James Ndulu - Head Of Research

Some of Our Clients


Website Design & Development

We offer creative web design using the latest technologies.Talk to us for that website you need so urgent.

Supply of Items

We engage in supply of items to various clients throughout the country. We hope to expand our services beyond the borders.Some of the Items we supply include,Office stationery/Equipments,Computer & Accessories e.t.c.

Printing / Bulky Photocopying

We offer quality printing and photocophying services at an affordable prices. We sell Printing & Photocopying Papers.Contact us for more.

Branding & Promotional products

We brand products with logos and text. We can simply print your logo and perfectly match your colours. We can personalise by name or any other criteria that suits.Some of the items we brand include:Caps,Mugs,Pens, Diaries, Umbrellas,Flash Disks e.t.c.

Graphic Design

We offer bold and unique graphic design services for businesses and individuals,including business card design,wedding cards, brochure design, poster Design, Advertisement design and Calendar design e.t.c.

Market Research & social research

We provide research services (Market & social) services ranging from data collection (fieldwork), data capture (data entry), data analysis, data documentation and professional transcription.

What Clients Say?

We have more positive feedback and we are happy that our clients are satisfied. Sample some here

Have You Seen our Works?

Here are some of the projects that we have worked on so far. Our clients were fully satisfied and we walk with them through this journey.


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